SafePay is the next evolution of the Permission Click payment platform that seamlessly integrates with our digital forms. Reduced fees, partial refunds, and enhanced reports are just a few of the powerful upgrades that come with SafePay – which is available in all versions of School Edition & District Edition.

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Reduced Fees

With our original payment platform, fees are charged per item. With SafePay, fees are charged per cart resulting in reduced fees incurred by your organization or the parent.

Partial Refunds

Refunds can now take place at a per ticket level and do not require the response to be canceled in order for the refund to process.

Enhanced Reports

Our on screen and downloadable reports provide more details on your transactions than ever before.

More Payment Methods

Permission Click’s SafePay platform collects funds online in a variety of formats. Payments can be made via all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), credit debit cards (Pin-less debit cards) as well as all Wallet services including the world’s leading wallet services Google Pay, Apple Pay. In addition to e-transfer, future support for PayPal and Interac are on our product roadmap.

Reminders, Receipts, and Refunds

When parents or other end users are making payments in Permission Click our platform provides the ability to send automated and manual reminders that include the ability to fully customize the body content of the message. Reminders can be sent to all end users who have yet to pay (parents or others submitting on forms), or to subset groups of users which can be configured when sending. In addition, when users select to pay by cash or cheque Permission Click sends a receipt of the form completion to the parent which includes a reminder to submit funds (value, form name, etc). This helps office staff to know where to log the incoming payment upon receipt.

Permission Click automatically sends users receipts via email in PDF. Receipts can also be downloaded by users in PDF, re-sent via email, or printed out by users at any time from the system.

Permission Click can electronically process order refunds fully or partly for parent or end-user transactions associated with students, or those not attached to your SIS. A school user may cancel and refund:

  • Entire order
  • Individual items/tickets on the order
  • Values between $0.01 and the remaining total of the order that has not yet been refunded.

This gives schools incredible flexibility to handle refunds in any case in which they arise. When refunds are processed updated receipts are automatically sent out to end users (parents) via email.

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