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Enterprise-grade policy & workflow automation for K–12

An easy to use, reliable, and secure platform to digitize and automate your forms, approvals, and workflow processes that scales across your district

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How we help your K–12 District

You work hard to produce fantastic district policies and procedures for things like Technology Acceptable Use, Media Release, Athletic Forms, Student Travel and more, but find it extraordinarily challenging to help staff comply with these policies.

Permission Click automates policy implementation taking your forms and approval flows digital for staff and parents.

We help you increase policy compliance across your district, eliminate manual paper-based processes, and maximize operational efficiency. With Permission Click it’s easy to standardize your forms and help ensure your district is following the correct protocols outlined in the policy you spent so much time and effort creating.

At Permission Click our policy is implementing yours.

Benefits of District Edition

With Permission Click, manage your district from a single, trusted platform

Digitize & standardize your forms district-wide to enhance policy compliance

Whether it’s an internal form like a field trip request or a parent-facing form like a permission slip, Permission Click can take it digital. As a District user, you are able to make templates of your most commonly used forms and deploy them to all or a subset of your schools to ensure form consistency and compliance.

With automated workflows and approval history, help ensure that everyone meets the required steps your policy outlines.

Increase staff confidence

Your staff can work in confidence with one place to find their forms. Our digital workflow ensures that staff always have access to the most recent version of your forms in one place, so they can work with more confidence.

Increase operational efficiency

No more filling, processing, and storing paper. Automated workflows eliminate time wasted in guesswork or figuring out where to find the right forms for the right processes. Furthermore, staff no longer have to spend countless hours chasing people for approvals or responses, a few clicks of mouse will allow you to send reminders.

Reduce risk & liability footprint

Digitizing your forms will allow you to get rid of paper based processes, reducing the chance for human error. Additionally, it helps lower your risk and liability footprint with comprehensive auditable trails. Digital forms and permission slips will enhance your record retention and search capabilities. If you were to face any litigation, you would be able to easily find the information you need.

Accelerate digital transformation, digitize more of your work

Managing your district from a centralized platform will give you visibility of what’s happening across your district from a single place. Permission Click helps you enable digital change and empower your district and school departments to digitize their forms, permission slips and workflow processes, and collect payment digitally.

Boost parental communication and form submissions

Parents can review and grant permission on forms in seconds from most digital devices without needing an account or having to log in! Once completed, parents receive a PDF via email that provides them with a copy of the information they provide for their records. If parents haven’t submitted a form, you can send manual and automated reminders and get more submissions in less time! Additionally, Permission Click is available in over 100 languages!

Smooth, IT-free deployment

We can have your forms up and running district-wide in hours, not months.

Our Customer Success professionals will help you achieve your goals faster. We’ll build tailored deployment plans for your district that include live training sessions, account setup, user management, and creation of form templates.

After creating accounts and inviting users, we set up your forms together in our drag-and-drop builder, publish, and you’re off. Our world-class support via in-app chat, phone, email or knowledge base ensures that you are never alone.

Screenshot of a Permission Click form.
Screenshot of setting up response approvals.
Screenshot displaying the various options to send a form.
A Permission Click form loaded on a mobile device and on a tablet.
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Screenshot of the Permission Click Form Manager overview reports.
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Unlimited forms, workflows, users, signatures, and processes.


District-wide visibility

Approval process workflows are critical for your district’s policy and processes. With Permission Click, you get a fully auditable trail across multiple approval steps, staff members or external partners. Additionally, you can have a snapshot of your district or particular schools at any time.

Digitize your forms

Paper-based forms make it hard and slow to get responses from parents or guardians. With Permission Click’s drag-and-drop form builder taking your forms digital is easy and fast.

Digitize and automate workflow processes

Streamline your district policy with district-wide form templates and workflow process. Build templates and deploy them across your district with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Real-time district reporting

Analyzing and segmenting your responses has never been so easy. Create custom reports and use advanced search to get the information that you need within seconds. District administrators can see reporting for the entire district or narrow down a report by individual schools.

The days of sorting through dozens of returned paper forms are long gone. Our Form Dashboard gives you per student data for every form you create, including if a response has been received or not. And with the power of our Rostering feature, you can see if parents have opened the form and remind the ones that haven’t had time yet.

Single-sign-on (SSO)

Single-sign-on allows you to sign on to Permission Click using your existing Google or Microsoft account, so you don’t need to remember new passwords and can get into your account more readily and conveniently.

Active Directory Role Mapping

Leverage the roles and site access for staff in the district’s Active Directory. When logging in via SSO, staff are automatically assigned to the correct account with the proper role and permissions/access.

SIS integration

OneRoster integration allows you to connect your Student Information System (SIS) with Permission Click. Hence, you will be able to pre populate forms with the student information from your SIS. You can add individual students to a form, or by available groupings such as school, class, homeroom.

Integrating with your SIS will simplify and make it easier for you to send forms and collect information and permission from parents and guardians.

SafePay — In-app digital payment collection

SafePay provides a simple, secure and streamlined way to collect payments with your Permission Click digital forms. With a free, accelerated setup, you can start collecting payments faster than ever.

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Here are some of the most common ways Districts leverage Permission Click:

  • Start-of-year registration
  • Student registration
  • Field trips
  • Digital payment collection
  • Graduation
  • Tech AUPs
  • Fundraisers
  • Media releases
  • Internal staff forms (e.g. time-off requests)
  • Financial (e.g. expense forms, timesheets)
  • IT purchase forms
  • Leave of absence forms
  • Many more!

Over 14,000 schools and districts around the world use Permission Click. Here’s what some of them have to say

The schools are very pleased. Parents are extremely excited about the speed and convenience. Submit rates have gone up!

John YenDirector of Technology, Polytechnic School

Permission Click continues to amaze in its ability to remove extra work from our teachers and free up support staff from collecting and processing field trip forms and other paperwork.

Dr. Robert DillonDirector of Technology and Innovation, Affton School District

Permission Click has worked so well, and I have received numerous recommendations, which has allowed us to provide support even during this season of “distance.” I have you to thank for that! Permission Click has been enlightening and will now be our mode of referrals from here on out. Thank you so much for taking the time to set this up and help me with this. Lives are being impacted, and it started with a “click.”

Kevin MillerHigh School Principal, Clovis Unified School District

Permission Click saves our teachers the time it used to take them to create, print/distribute, chase down, and track permission slips. Teachers are able to fill out a pre-built template and immediately send the permission slip link to parents. Parents are busy. Whether at home, at a sports practice, or other after-school obligations; parents can complete and return a permission slip from any device. We no longer have students losing permission slips or asking for extra copies and the turnaround from creation to completion is quick.

Michael SkazinskiHigh School Principal, Barrington Christian Academy

There's no comparison! I'm no longer drowning in paperwork!

Ekta BadeshaProgram Coordinator Lunch Program, Bairdmore School

Frequently asked questions

How much does Permission Click cost?

Permission Click is an affordable solution that will help manage your entire school. Starting as low as $1 per student, you will more than recover your investment just with the cost of paper saved. However, the return on investment goes much further than that as you’ll have newly found administrative time that your staff can reinvest in helping improve educational outcomes. Additionally, you’ll be helping minimize risk and liability footprint.

To see our full pricing please visit our pricing page, or get in touch with us here.

Do parents need to download an app or login to fill out forms?

Parents do not need to download any app, log in, or create an account to complete a form in Permission Click. When you send a form to a parent/guardian, they will arrive at a publicly hosted form.

Respondents can fill out a form on any device, as permission click is responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

How long does it take to implement Permission Click?

Permission Click can take as little as a few minutes to get deployed, but larger, more complex organizations will require a longer implementation.

Our team of Customer Success and Product Specialists will ensure that your onboarding process is smooth and successful. Our thorough onboarding is designed to guide you through every step. A detailed checklist will help ensure everything is covered. We guide you through initial setup, form creation, role provisioning, template management and publishing your first form.

Onboarding timelines vary based on the size of your organization and form requirements. At the start of your onboarding experience, we schedule a kick-off call to formalize your needs, timeliness and requirements.

What kind of support do I get with Permission Click?

If you have any questions while using Permission Click, you can find answers to your questions inside our comprehensive Help Centre, or you can reach out to our world-class support team that is readily available to help you out.

The Permission Click Help Center is a library of guides, videos, reference docs, and troubleshooting steps. Search or browse the Help Center to get help with all of Permission Click’s features or if you have trouble while trying to accomplish any task inside the platform.

Permission Click offers support through live chat, email, or phone.

Is Permission Click really IT-Free?

Permission Click can be deployed to your entire organization without IT involvement. Forms are built using a drag and drop interface that requires no coding knowledge. Our Product Specialists will teach you and your staff how to use the platform, build forms and publish them.

Nonetheless, additional requirements will vary based on the features purchased in your Permission Click contract and may require your internal tech team to meet with our development team. If this is required, our team will determine the necessary steps during your onboarding process.

Is my information safe in Permission Click?

Your information is safe and secure in Permission Click.
Permission Click is dedicated to the ongoing privacy and assurance of your personal information. We have developed and maintained a world-class system infrastructure to ensure your data is private, secure and available when you need it.

Permission Click’s efforts to help ensure data security

  • Permission Click is deployed on Microsoft Azure to provide your district and schools with industry-leading security.
  • Permission Click uses AES – 256-bit encryption, the highest encryption standard.
  • We host data in a local ISO 27001 & ISO/IEC 27018 certified SAS70 Type II, SSAE 16 facility.
  • We are a PCI Level 1 Compliant Payment Processing Solution, the highest compliance level to protect the security of credit card data and cardholder data.
  • We comply with: Canadian Evident Act, U.S. ESIGN Act, The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and PIPEDA.

Is my information private?

Permission Click will never read or use any of your information, including respondent’s personal information, forms, responses, or reports. Permission Click will never send emails, notifications or forms to any of your contacts without your authorization.

Will Permission Click work for my School or District? How customizable is Permission Click?

Permission Click was built from the ground up specifically for K12 districts. If you’d like to share your goals/forms with us, we’d be pleased to review and help you decide if our platform is the right fit for your district or school.

For more information, you can also email us at with any questions you might have.

You can also browse Permission Click’s case studies to see how we have met the needs of schools, and school districts across the US, Canada, and internationally.

Does Permission Click integrate with the other tools I’m using?

Permission Click integrates with third-party tools, including most school information systems (SIS) and Microsoft Active Directory, and Google for single-sign-on (SSO). Our technology team would be pleased to connect with your district to investigate custom integrations.